Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adventures in Mozambique

Well its been a while since I have updated...many of you already know that I decided to extended until December. Doing this meant that I needed to leave the country and renew my visa. A friend here at the centre needed to do the same around the same time so we decided we would make a trip out of it. With Malawi being landlocked and a relatively small country there are many options of countries in which to renew your visa. We were debating between Zambia and Mozambique. We finally decided on the adventurous journey to explore the northern part of Mozambique. The decision was made when the guidebook described it as "undiscovered gem, well off the beaten tourist track and perfect for the adventurous traveller looking for more than just another beach hotel experience"...well this turned out to be exactly right. 

What an adventure... one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It was one of the best adventures I have had but I probably wouldn't do it again.. to begin with it took us three days to finally make it to the coast.

Transportation summary:

Mini buses: 5
Bike taxi: 2 (one for two hours)
Charter bus: 2
Truck bed: 2 
Taxi: 3
Hitched rides: 9
Train: 12 hours in a train X 2
Boat: 45 mins X 2

Even with the transportation struggles, the food and deserted beaches made it worth it. 

Random swing set in the middle of the deserted beach =]

Beautiful mangroves near Pemba beach. 

One of my favorite aspects... delicious seafood and coconut rice on Ilha de Mozambique!

Pretty sure after this dinner I smelt like a crab for two days. 

Took a dhow (sailboat) to an even more deserted island for a day of swimming and snorkeling in the lagoon. 

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